Des valeurs

Since the beginning, the Domaine de la Rhonie has been built on the values ​​of authenticity, generosity and respect, both in the agricultural domain as well as in our tourist activity.

Consistent with these values, we have chosen to invest on our territory with a sustainable development policy, thus respecting both nature and man.

This approach is reflected from day to day where we try to appreciate nature and its benefits, preserving local heritage, inciting a younger generation to both culture and traditions.


Read our charter of commitments

This charter lists our different environmental actions as well as indicating how you can participate in these commitments.


100% of the electricity comes from renewable energy sources. We promote the use of low-energy lighting.


Water is a precious ressource in the Périgord, we have installed water-saving devices on taps and for flushing the toilets. Water wastage is reduced daily, by the whole team.


We sort all our waste. We value green waste composting
We limit packaging and waste by eliminating single dose products


We favor environmentally labeled products and natural products like white vinegar to combat lime scale. We clean with microfiber cloths to guarantee spotless results

In the restaurant

We favor local suppliers who are committed to a respectful approach to the environment and the seasons. We list of our producers in our welcome booklet in your room or in reception


Being located in a “Natura 2000” area, we are attentive to the flora and the fauna around us, specific documentation is available at the reception.

Help us : some small simple steps …

By adopting a few simple gestures during your stay with us, you can participate in our commitment :


Turn off the lights when you leave your room. Turn off the heating when you open a window.
Switch off the TV, lights and electronics when you leave your room
In your room, for cold nights, you can draw the curtains to keep warm, as well as in the summer, to keep it fresh


You notice a leak, a running toilet? Please let us know!
Do not throw anything in the toilet: sanitary towels, cotton swabs, etc., which could pollute the water or prevent proper operation of our waste water treatment plant
Your towel does not need to be changed? Hang it on the towel rail. If not, drop it in the bath or shower, we will change it
Thank you for not letting the water run unnecessarily


Place recyclables in the waste bin in your room, hazardous waste (batteries) at the reception and all the rest in the bin in the bathroom,
Recyclable waste (newspapers, glass, cans, plastic bottles) may be deposited in bins available outside of your room.

Transport network

Prefer non-polluting ways to travel: you will find at the reception information on renting canoes or mountain biking as well as hiking and also train timetables to reach Périgueux, Eyzies and Sarlat depending on your destination.

Tourism and Handicap

We are engaged since 2012 in the label “Tourism and Handicap”.
The Domaine de la Ferme Lamy wishes to be open to all by cultivating its homely values. It is already equipped to accommodate disabled guests.

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