A story

The Domaine de la Rhonie has been an agricultural exploitation since 1830.

The history of the “Domaine de la Rhonie” is also that of a family, the COUSTATY family. Marie-Rose, who is currently managing the domain, is the 8th generation with the same name, born within the walls, and the third to welcome tourists on the same site.

It was in 1963 that Marie-Rose’s grandfather for the first time rented a part of the family home to tourists. Rose Marie’s parents then further developed this tourism by creating a camping site on the farm and a dining room for guests.

The accommodation cottages were created in the buildings formerly used as nut and tobacco drying houses in the 1990s.

When Elijah and Pierrette retired in 2000, Marie-Rose and her husband, Serge, followed on with the will to perpetuate the values of authenticity and conviviality ​​on which the site’s personality had been founded.

Today, Vivien, the son of Serge and Marie-Rose has also joined the domain working as a shepherd with a traditional approach to farming based traditional pasture grazing.

Domaine de La Rhonie
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