Heritage restoration

Restauration du patrimoine

The Domaine de la Rhonie has a wealth of a small buildings. Since 2014, in partnership with Cornerstone and the Heritage Foundation, we decided to identify, list and restore thanks to documents such Napoleonic survey maps and intergenerational oral transmission.

Our aim is to transmit this heritage to future generations while ensuring its current use and respecting its social importance that it represents. All actions taken result from a process of documentation and research (historical and technical knowledge) which take into account past, present and future considerations.

This heritage consists of :

  • 12 dry stone huts
  • a dry stone bread oven
  • a troglodyte fort
  • a cellar

Objectives :

All the actions taken seek to stop the active process of deterioration and structurally strengthen this heritage. These actions are only implemented when the very existence of the property is threatened in the relatively short-term, their extreme fragility or the speed of their deterioration.

3 main actions are being undertaken :

  1. preventive conservation : these measures are aimed to avoid and minimize damage or further losses. The measures are indirect, they do not interfere in any way with the materials and structures. They do not modify their appearance. Examples: the measures and actions implemented to ensure appropriate inventory, storage, handling, environmental control (light, humidity, pollution, infestation), public awareness, compliance with legal standards.
  2. curative conservation : All actions aim directly to stop any active process of deterioration or to enhance structural strengthening. These actions are undertaken only when the existence of property is threatened, in the relatively short-term, their extreme fragility or speed of deterioration.
  3. restoration : All the actions that are taken directly on a singular property in a stable state, which aims to improve the appreciation, understanding, and use. These actions are undertaken only when the building has lost part of its structure due to deterioration or earlier restoration. As much as possible original materials and techniques are used.

Means :

To cope with the deterioration of the heritage buildings, due to time and human activity we need to establish partnerships :

  • with local inhabitants who have the historical and technical knowledge (Cornerstone) and know-how (slaters)
  • with financial partners. We look for adapted solutions: both financial and human to assist in the conservation and restoration: The Heritage Foundation, crowdfunding, patronage, participatory sites, etc.
  • with the public: To transmit to a wider audience the fact that this heritage is a valuable cultural and technical testimony (the setting up of a discovery and knowledge path of the entire heritage site)

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