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Visite guidee de Sarlat

Guided tour of Sarlat

Discover the charms of the medieval town in the company of our Guides certified as speakers by the Ministry of Culture. Individual visits from April to October, in groups throughout the year on reservation

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Lascaux II

Lascaux II (Montignac 24290)

200 m from the prehistoric cave of Lascaux, a true technological prowess and scientific rigor have helped to recreate the unique atmosphere of the original cave.
Thanks to Lascaux II, this double, the most famous Paleolithic “sanctuary” in the World has been reborn and can be viewed by the public.

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Le Thot (Thonac 24290)

Essential complement to the visit of Lascaux II, the Thot prehistoric Centre has 4 major facsimiles of Lascaux (not reproduced in Lascaux II) as well as scenes of everyday life of Cro-Magnon, artist and hunter . An animal park combines the descendant species of most of the animals depicted on the walls of the Lascaux cave.

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The sites in the Périgord

The sites in the Périgord, propose 11 different and complementary diverse sites for your pleasure …

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La Roque St Christophe

La Roque St Christophe

Halfway between Eyzies and Montignac-Lascaux the Vézère cliff of La Roque St Christophe rises steeply. Remarkable for its powerful forms, its number of habitats as well as the very long history of man’s occupation, this site is of rare and wild beauty.

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Abri Pataud

Abri pataud (24620 Les Eyzies)

The archeological site and the original exhibits in the museum bear witness to the important occupation of this shelter from the Aurignacian era (- 35,000) to the Solutrean era (- 20,000). The tour provides an insight into who was Cro-Magnon, when and how he lived.

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Cloître de Cadouin (24480 Cadouin)

Cadouin is a Cistercian abbey founded in 1115 where monastic rigor reigns. The cloister rebuilt in the late fifteenth century is a masterpiece of Gothic art. Cadouin is registered on the trail to Saint-Jacques de Compostela

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The chateaux

Chateau des Milandes

In the magical setting of the Chateau of Milandes, come and discover the bubbly and generous character of Josephine Baker. We will be also very pleased to explain the art of falconry with its rapacious birds in the gardens of the newly restored chateau. Free parking, restaurant on site

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Chateau des Milandes

Chateau of Castelnaud

This historic monument, houses the museum of the war of the Middle Ages since 1985. The museum houses a large collection (jousting poles, swords, daggers, artillery pieces, defensive outfits …). The evolution of the fortification and siege techniques is also evoked by a slide show, movies and video games are available to the public.

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Chateau de Castelnaud

Chateau of Biron (Biron 24540)

Seat of one of the four baronies of the Périgord, the Chateau of Biron is strategically located at the edge of the Perigord and the Agenais. Each century between the twelfth and eighteenth has left its mark. This incredible juxtaposition of buildings results in an exceptional architectural combination.

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Chateau de Biron

Chateau of Bourdeilles (24310 Bourdeilles)

Two castles from different periods built on a raised rocky terrace rampart overhanging the Dronne.
The feudal fortress (XII-XIV) forms an enclosure with battlements dominated by a unique octagonal tower 35m high. The Renaissance house (XVI) houses a prestigious collection furnishings dating from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century, notably the bed of Charles V adorned with gold sculptures.

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Chateau de Bourdeilles


Jardin du Manoir Eyrignac

The Gardens of Eyrignac

Exceptional in their originality and their unusual vegetal architecture, they are the epitome of topiary. Historical Monuments of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, they cannot be compared to any other, and are considered as being one of the most beautiful gardens in France.

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Jardin de Marqueyssac


Listed site, the romantic and picturesque gardens of Marqueyssac propose more than 6 kilometers of shaded promenades lined with 150,000 hand sheared centenarian boxwood bushes and decorated with gazebos, rock gardens, water courses and green open-air theatres.

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The Périgord differently

Truffle site of Pechalifour (St Cyprian)

Visit a truffle site with Titeuf the dog. Mr. Aynaud, truffle grower explains the relationship between plants, trees and fungus; between the sun and water; pigs flies and dogs. Titeuf seeks truffles right under your feet, in summer and winter.

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Truffiere de Pechalifour

Moulin de la Tour (Ste Nathalène)

A XVIth century water mill still in use, the Moulin de la Tour is located 9 km from Sarlat in the Périgord, in the municipality of Sainte-Nathalène, beside the Enéa stream. We continue to manufacture nut oils, hazelnuts and almonds, the ancestral way, in the respect of tradition.

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Moulin de la tour

Cabanes du Breuil

A slate habitation, unmissable architecture of the Black Périgord, an exceptional place to safeguard this listed building

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Cabanes du Breuil

Hot Air Balloons in the Perigord Dordogne

The Perigord seen from a hot-air balloon! Looking for a great gift idea? Discover or enable someone to discover those who are dear to you one of the most beautiful landscapes of France aboard a hot air balloon! A magical experience, unique, extraordinary, a moment of intense calm.

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Roquegeoffre canoes

The best way to enjoy the Dordogne canoeing down at your pace, stopping at your leisure on a beach or in a wonderful village that borders the river.

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Festival of scarecrows

The Festival of scarecrows in Meyrals dates from 1999 and takes place during the country fair (or pond Day) which takes place every year on the last Sunday of July.

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Domaine de La Rhonie
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