The Black Périgord

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A world renowned heritage

The Black Perigord is located in the Southeast of the department of the Dordogne. With the green, white and purple Périgords, it constitutes one of four entities of this tourist region.

The Black Perigord, the most touristic part of the Périgords

Of the four Perigord, the Black Perigord is the one that has the most important tourist attractions. With its landscapes, its rivers and its sites, this is a place for holidays, short stays and long weekends.

The Black Perigord, Sarlat, a town of art and history

The town of Sarlat is undoubtedly one of the flagship sites of the Périgord visits. It is an ancient medieval town beautifully preserved and restored. In season, it is a bustling place with its market, guided tours and festivals. In winter, three flagship events are held, the Christmas market, the truffle feast in January and the goose fair in February.

The Black Perigord, the Dordogne valley

The Dordogne valley stretches from Carlux to Siorac in Perigord. This is a valley where nature is preserved with a multitude of major heritage sites: the villages of Beynac, La Roque Gageac, Domme ranked among the most beautiful villages in France, the sites of Castelnaud, Marqueyssac and many others.
The natural setting of the valley makes it an ideal place for relaxation where you can participate in numerous recreational activities: canoeing, swimming …

The Black Perigord, the Vézère valley

The Vezere valley is famous for the classification of its many prehistoric sites recognised as the World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.
Lascaux Cave is to be found here, as well as sites such as Font de Gaume, Cap Blanc. The town of Eyzies can rightly claim to be the World’s prehistoric capital due to the large number of sites that it hosts, its national museum and its information center.
A little less touristic than the Dordogne Valley the Vézère Valley offers peace and tranquility. It is ideal for family outings, walks and sports activities (ATV). As well as the prehistoric wealth, the Vézère valley proposes,like the rest of the Perigord, an exceptional area and extremely well preserved heritage sites.

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