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A voyage to the land of games

Discover at the Domaine de la Rhonie a unique collection of 500 games from here and there. Take an unprecedented journey to rediscover your chilhood, build relationships, share the emotions of young and old, marvel and laugh out loud! Our animators will accompany you in the selection of games, explain the rules and conventions so that the games are immediate pleasure and entertainment for you. This fun and unique entertainment is organized for schools, recreation centers, retirement homes or businesses.
Afternoon games, birthday parties, Gastronomo-fun, evening entertainment or team building … We will happily concoct the most suitable formula for you.

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Board games

Board games to be played in a calm and quiet atmosphere, they come from the four corners of the planet, they depict scenes from local life and enable us to travel through space and time. Certain games, more contemporary complete the range of about 400 games.

Some examples of our games :

The Ringueta : This very ancient game, Confucius (551-479 AC) and Mencius (372-289 BC) mention the mill with three pieces called yih. It has different names: Nine men’s morris in England, Engrange in the western Berry, Très en ratlla in Catalonia, Hema in the Ivory Coast …

The name comes from the Occitan Ringueta reng, renga a row from which a rengueta: a small row. This game is renowned in the school playgrounds in the Perigord, there are patterns on surrounding walls of some municipal schools. It is widely practiced today under the name of morpion ‘the louse’.

Peralikatuma: The peralikatuma is a variant of the game Alquerque played in Ceylon.

It is the ancestor draughts. The technique of ‘jumping over’ ‘taking pieces’ achieved wide success, and has many descendants. This is a confrontation strategy game whose aim is to take the opponent’s pieces by jumping over following diagram lines

Maldives: This game was found by a friend of Mr Cauwet on a French island. This game exists in Libya where the pieces are made up of different kinds of stones.
Here at Domaine de la Rhonie, trays of 2 players are with pieces made from walnut by Bernard Cauwet. The chips are modular and square. An exciting and enjoyable touch game.

The great games of skill : they can be played inside or outside. Large wooden games, billiards of all kinds and traditional games but also many contemporary and original creations. To the delight of players and spectators they are always lively!

Game of the Frog : a game of address originating of northern France. The goal: to land your chips in the mouth of the frog to obtain the highest score.

Giant Suspense : a game of address for both children as well as adults. Catch the ball with your giant mikados and place them on the hanging hammock. Be careful, if your balls falls down, you end up with them all !! The goal: to have no balls left.

More games, more contemporary complete the offer about 400 games.

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